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Septic System Ownership in Wyoming

The State of Wyoming has a history of regulated sewage disposal that goes back to 1921. The state is committed to protecting the environment as well as ensuring human health standards. To this end, private septic system ownership is subject to stringent guidelines and all aspects are strictly monitored to prevent contamination to ground water and other water sources.

Regulation of Septic Tank Systems

The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) organized in 1973 to be the regulating body in charge of sewage and sanitation. Previously called the Sanitary Engineering Service and governed by the Department of Health, the DEQ’s Water and Wastewater Program is now the home of septic system regulation.

Licensure Requirements for Septic System Contractors

All wastewater and sewage system operators are required to possess a valid license in Wyoming. A high school diploma or equivalent is a necessary minimum qualification to get a certification. There are specific exams for different Water and Wastewater categories and each has to be applied for and taken separately. A first time application has to be on a long form and any subsequent ones have to be filled out in a short form.

Installing a New Septic System

The first thing to do before installing an onsite septic system is to apply for a permit . Some counties require their own applications, and in other areas, permit applications go directly to the Water Quality Division of the DEQ.

Soil tests have to be conducted by a contractor and the results forwarded along with the application for a permit. Authorized personnel from the DEQ then do site evaluation to ensure the project is feasible and in accordance with the state and county regulations. The installation has to be done by a licensed septic system contractor. Once the construction is completed, the system will be inspected to assure it is in compliance with all regulations, and then, permission to operate will be granted.

How to File a Complaint

All complaints and problems relating to onsite septic systems need to be addressed to the Water and Wastewater Program under the DEQ.

The Department of Environmental Quality
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Phone: 307-777-7937
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