to Keep Your Septic Tank Healthy: Tips and Tricks

to Maintain Your Septic System and Avoid Costly Repairs

Septic Systems in Texas

In the state of Texas, approximately one in three newly constructed homes have a septic system, especially in housing developments in suburban areas and what were previously rural regions. Statistics show that close to fifty thousand new septic systems have been granted approval in recent years.

Licensing and Regulation

To set up a septic system in Texas, one must get permission from the state. A permit is also required to conduct repairs on a septic system and any expansion or alteration of an existing septic system.

To ensure that the law is met regarding septic systems, the responsibility in most parts of Texas falls on the local authorities. A good number of the local authorities in Texas have become authorized agents of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to ensure compliance. The local authorities, who have been assigned that role of ensuring compliance, also delegate the responsibilities of reviewing plans for installation of septic systems, repair, and alterations of the septic systems to representatives. These representatives are also charged with the responsibility of giving out permits and carrying out inspections.

The representatives also act on complaints that have been received regarding septic systems. Once a system owner has been served with a complaint, they are expected to rectify the situation within a month, Failure to do so can result in being charged in a court of law.


The work of installing a septic system in Texas is supposed to be handled by an authorized installation expert or by the owners of the septic system themselves. Anyone who gets involved in the installation process must also have a license from the state of Texas.

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