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Septic Regulations in Nevada

Septic System Ownership in Nevada

Like many states in the Southwestern United States, Nevada has a large population of residents living in areas where they do not have access to public water or a sewage system. Most of these individuals rely on septic systems to deal with wastewater generated by their home or business.

Regulation of Septic Systems / Septic Contractors in Nevada

Environmental Health Services, part of the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health, oversees statewide regulation of septic systems and contractors, but individual county or multi-county health bureaus oversee local septic system operation and installation. For example, the Southern Nevada Health District regulates septic system installation and operation in Clark County, where the city of Las Vegas is located. The county health bureaus issue permits for installation and overhaul of septic systems, as well as regulate and enforce rules pertaining to their proper operation.

Licensure Requirements for Septic System Contractors

Contractors who are hired to install or fabricate septic systems must be licensed through the State of Nevada. To obtain a license, they must pass both trade and business/law exams, as well as have four years of experience or an educational equivalent.

Installing a Septic System

Though different counties in Nevada are regulated by different offices, the application process for a permit to install a new septic system is the same statewide. A completed application form must be submitted, along with test results from two percolation tests, a soil profile, an assessment of groundwater levels and application fees.

Filing Complaints

To file a complaint about leakage of wastewater from a septic system, you can contact the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection at the following numbers:

1-888-331-6337 for in-state residents
1-775-687-9485 for out-of-state residents
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