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Septic Regulations in Montana

Septic System Ownership in Montana

Big Sky Country is known for its stunning natural beauty, quiet rural residences, and of course, its fishing. The State of Montana works to maintain this environment by protecting its water sources. Careful management of septic systems by the Solid Waste Managment Program of the Department of Environmental Quality protects the environment and helps keep Montana beautiful.


The Waste and Underground Tank and Management Bureau is responsible for administering training, licensing, certifications, inspections, technical reviews and compliance monitoring to protect the public water supply. In addition, homeowners must apply to the Waste and Underground Tank and Management Bureau for septic system design approval and installation.

Solid Waste Management Services

Engineers at Solid Waste Management Services will be happy to assist homeowners with the review and licensing of treatment and disposal system design and plans, inspection and compliance, professional licensure, and training programs for system owners. Homeowners wishing to install a septic system should consult with a certified engineer to develop a design that works with the specific features of their property. Engineers will evaluate land slope, soil quality, as well as land usage to determine the best system for the homeowner’s needs.

Licensed Specialists

Homeowners must use licensed professionals for a variety of services involved in designing, installing, and maintaining wastewater management systems. In addition, Montana licenses and regulates all professionals who handle solid waste. These professionals are known as Septic Pumpers.

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