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Septic Regulations in Minnesota

Owning a Septic System in Minnesota

About one in four homes in the United States use a private septic system rather than a town or city sewer. In Minnesota, septic systems are called subsurface sewage treatment systems (SSTS).

Licensing and Regulation of Septic Systems

The licensing and regulation of septic systems in Minnesota is carried out by various local authorities and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. State statute 115.55 details the construction and installation of individual sewage systems, and 115.56 describes the mandatory licensing program for contractors.

Contractor Licensing in Minnesota

Licenses are required for all professionals who work on SSTS, including installers, designers, inspectors, maintainers, or service provider. The license fee is $100 on a yearly basis. Application forms and related information are available online. Any consumer who has a dispute with a contractor is referred to the office of the State Attorney General.

Installation Process

Prior to the installation of a septic tank, a soil test is required. After the soil test, the state or local authorities will perform an inspection. The completed work also undergoes inspection to ensure that all regulations have been met. After a compliance inspection has been conducted the inspector will either hand out a “Notice of Non-Compliance” or a “Certificate of Compliance”. In the case of a “Notice of Non-Compliance”, the owner of the septic system must remedy the situation or they will be charged in a court of law.

Contacting the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

520 Lafayette Road
St. Paul, MN 55155-4194

651-296-6300 or 800-657-3864

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