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Septic Regulations in Colorado

Whether a person lives high in the mountains or along the Colorado plains, most homeowners who find themselves outside of an area with centralized water treatment must install a private septic system. Septic systems filter solid waste from water, on-site, and hold that waste in a safe and secure location so that it does not re-enter the water supply. These steps are critical in protecting the health and safety of the community and ensuring a safe water supply.

Getting Started

Once a homeowner has determined that a property requires a septic system, the next step involves a licensed or certified professional to assist in planning. This professional will take measurements, test the soil quality beneath the area in which the system will be placed, and design a system that will function most efficiently given the unique characteristics and needs of a particular location.

After developing these plans, homeowners must submit an application to the local county health department which costs about $200 in Colorado Once the system has been installed, a representative from the county will visit the property to inspect the system before it may be used.

Existing Licensing Regulations

Currently, all homeowners must consult and use licensed professionals for the design and installation of their septic system. The State of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment currently oversees septic system regulations. Employing a licensed contractor will ensure system integrity and help prevent expensive problems and long-term damage.

Understanding the Licensing Process

The Colorado Water and Wastewater Facility Operators Certification Board (WWFOCB) manages the certification of licensed professionals in Colorado. Three types of certification exist: Drinking Water, Domestic Wastewater, and Industrial Wastewater. All professionals must undergo and successfully complete an exam process.

Contacts for More Information

The Colorado Department of Public Health provides a great place to start for additional information or support. They may be found at:

4300 Cherry Creek Dr. S
Denver, CO 80246-1530
Phone: (303) 692-2000
TDD Line: (303) 691-7700
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